Sound Design for a video clip of one of Tom Hoopers amazing graphical programming renders.

London Sounds

Sound Design and Mix for Lisa Chan’s ‘London Sounds’ Xiaomi Explorer 2020 promo entry.

Game Audio Showreel

A showreel of a selection of game audio related projects that I’ve worked on.

Traveller (W.I.P)

An Unreal Engine 4 project to explore audio environments and Wwise implementation techniques.


A brief preview of the Glade VR experience, with Dynamic Day/Night Ambient Sound System.


A short teaser of the Eternum Complex SteamVR Environment, created in the Hammer Editor toolkit for Source.

Ambient Horror Drones

A mini preview for a horror ambient sample pack I’m working on.

Nuclear Winter

An abstract soundscape inspired by post-apocalyptic films and games.

“Life’s Cheap…” Battle Music Clip

A clip of some of the battle music written for the WIP “Life’s Cheap…” VR game.

55 Seconds of Spooky!

A short horror theme, used in a Work-In-Progress horror VR experience.