This is a short teaser of the Eternum Complex SteamVR Environment I’ve been creating.

Heavily inspired by the cyberpunk genre, and retro-synthwave music, the Eternum Complex is a nighttime cityscape, where players will be able to hang out on a balcony and look out into a bustling sci-fi metropolis, as shuttles, speeders and drones zoom past, between the towering neon skyscrapers of futuristic mega-corporations!

SteamVR Environments have to be built with a stripped down version of the Hammer Editor, a Source Engine map-making toolkit. However, I’ve been finding it rather counter-intuitive, and some of its limitations are preventing me from fully realising the vision I had for this VR environment; the lighting system can only handle a limited number of light sources before assets start to glitch and flicker, and even the Source Movie Maker doesn’t function correctly, which is why I had to use low-res captures of the square editor viewport to create the teaser trailer!

As such, I plan to rebuild Eternum in UE4, using Wwise to implement the audio. Whilst I won’t be able to upload this as a SteamVR Enviroment, I feel what I could achieve in UE4 will be a much more satisfying and immersive VR experience.