Professionally, I work as a Dubbing Mixer for a large international broadcaster. I carry out VO recording and editing, sound design and mix, for both Longform and Shortform broadcast assets.

Notable Longform projects include:

A Voyage of Discovery: The Ocean Race, MAX/Eurosport/D+ Full Sound Design, Dialogue/Music Edit & Mix

Deadliest Catch, Discovery ChannelUK Revoice & Mix

Gold Rush, Discovery Channel – UK Revoice & Mix

Aussie Kids A&E, Really – UK Revoice & Mix

Say Yes to the Dress Poland, TLCUK Revoice & Mix

How to Survive An Asteroid Strike, Discovery ScienceLocation Sound Recording

Skywire Live, Discovery ChannelLive Russian VO Mix


Below is a small selection of a few Shortform promos that I’ve worked on for television feeds across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia and for online, adhering to regional and platform specifications and mix-styles.
Each mix typically consists of:

VO Record & Edit
Dialogue Edit
Music Edit
Sound Design
Final Mix